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>>shepard: the news begins on studio b and in box one after another oil rig explodes in the gulf of mexico now officials report they see oil spreading from the side of the burning platform. we are live and have developments. a new study says illegal immigration is down. and the recession could be a bigger factor than laws or border security. box three, should police in one of america's big of the cities sit down, negotiate, have talks with violent criminals? with gangs? this may surprise you. it's all ahead unless breaking news changing everything. news is breaking now up and down the east coast, first an alert. the governors of north carolina, virginia, and maryland declare states of emergency as hurricane earl heads to the east coast, and it is not 100 percent clear
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if the storm will even make landfall in the united states. we cannot know. it could just skirt along the coast bringing tropical storms and winds to many. huge waves and potentially deadly currents. and, then, again, it could head right in. folks on north carolina's barrier islands called the outer banks will be the first to feel the storm around midnight tonight. and now a look at the communities there, at least i think we can look. sunny. well, we will in the look yet -- yes, there we go. the water appears to have waves. the north carolina governor says they are prepared for whatever hurricane earl will bring. >> we're ready. let me say that again were. we are very ready. we have in place the resources and the supplies and the capacity to do whatever it takes for north carolina and our
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citizens to be safe. >>shepard: president obama has already declared an "emergency" in the state and the national guard has deployed youth troops to help out. we have team coverage on hurricane earl and now to the weather center with the latest. but, first, jonathan is in kill devil hills. it looks windy. >>reporter: it is. the winds are picking up. we feel the first sprinkles of rain and in the atlantic, other than a couple of souls surfing, no one is in the water, and even the lifeguard stands, those stamps have been removed, shep. >>shepard: are folks making attention and getting ready? >>reporter: they are. when the winds pick up we saw people boarding up homes and businesses and the shopping centers were busy all day people loading up on food, water, and
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hardware supplies and a good sign, but people are buying up the items quickly we saw a flow of trucks moving in with new merchandise so they have been doing a good job keeping up with consumer demand. >>shepard: what do the residents say about what they will be getting here? >>reporter: on the outer banks many small island communities are at sea level or a few feet above. many people even without a direct hit anticipate localized flooding and wind damage and they are preparing for the worst. they know the storm could take a jog to the west and it could get worse as far as the wind and rain. >>shepard: it could. thank you very much like from the coast of kill devil hills. you know what you think it should do because you see the atmospheric conditions and you know it should turn north and then east and you are okay. should. not "will."
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and now a very good idea of what it "should" do. >>reporter: probably the best thing to say is we know it will but will it go 20 miles one way or 20 miles another way so it is that kind of a 40 or 50 mile spread. we know it will do it but it is a matter of "when." any change on the coast makes a difference. we have three storms here with fiona and gaston and we will talk a lot about that in the next week and a half. right now, obviously, hurricane earl is the big concern and it has weakened today over 15 miles per hour decrease in the wind and that is good news and now it is moving toward the north at 355 degrees, more west than north and we will know when it goes toward the northeast. you can see it but it keeps going at 55 degrees and we will
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pull close to the outer banks with the hurricane advisories hear and hurricane warnings in effect today and now that includes cape cod, the islands toward massachusetts, and back toward west port and blues arrested's -- buzzards bay. the cope pulls to the east of the cape here and that is good news but if it jogs west you could be on the when side of the wall and you see the winds in scpes of hurricane force causing problems. and we talk about storm surge and you have winds from the north filling in the bay. that the cause overwashing of the roads. on friday night we are getting very close to massachusetts and long island seeing winds at sector 65 miles per hour and the best chance for any if we see a landfall is around nantucket and gone by the weekend. that is great news.
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we have conditions getting worse right around the outer banks and we will be doing tropical storm force winds maybe three or four hours from now and hopefully it takes the jog 20 miles in the other direction. >>shepard:hen we looked at the loop that was orange, maybe it was a visual, but it looked like the eye was shrinking and maybe not be as, whatever ... >>reporter: exactly, as "whatever." it has dry air getting mixed in here. dry air is all around. that will affec it and it has a little bit, and as it moves further north it will hit colder water. that is not the case yet but when you get north of the outer banks we will see cooler waters and it will decrease the winds at 125 miles per hour, it will in the go back to category four so that is good news. it will decrease just a little bit as we move over the next 12 hours but probably a category three major hurricane moving
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close to the outer banks. >>shepard: thank you from the fox weather center. you can get up to the minute details on hurricane earl at with the breaking news and video and if you use an iphone we have a great app that will take you straight to all of this and you can see everything on the web site and it functions nicely on the i-phone or ipod touch if you have downloaded our app. it is a great way to stay updated. and they will send you text alerts at brand new details on the oil rig explosion that happened today in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard reports a mile long oil sheen is spreading from the site. our correspondent is monitoring that and chatting about it on our website at follow
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>>shepard: another oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico 200 miles wet of the b.p. blowout and now officials say they spot oil that is spreading near the site.
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the coast guard reports the blast killed no one. and they have recovered 13 people 80 miles south of the bay. one man was injured but we do not have any reason to believe it is life threatening. the gulf of mexico is feeling the effect of the explosion on april 20 and will for many years. our chief correspondent is live from the newsroom in new york with brand new information on this. what are the chances of a major leak? >> they are not giving an estimation but the indications we are getting are that they are not overly concerned about a major leak. they are looking at the sheen, the coast guard we got off with them, and they say it is a mile long and 100' wide and they will not confirm or do not know at this point if that oil is coming from the site of the latest explosion. they tell us that a sheen can be
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caused by a small amount of money. in fact the coast guard representative we spoke to said a gallon of oil could create a sheen because it is so thin the size of a football field and worth pointing out this platform is in 340' of water and you compare that to the 5 tsd feet -- 5,000 feet of water and you know it will be easier to fix because this is a shallow water plot form. >>shepard: thank you. the governor of louisiana is cautious in his assessment. >>reporter: clearly helping lessons from the deepwater spill when we heard so many optimistic pronouncement pinning each of the comments he was making today on the company that runs this particular platform. that is an energy company and they were optimistic they would
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"shut in all the wells connected to the platform," but he was very cautious in what he said. listen. >> you prepare for the worst case. you hope for the best and prepare for the worst what we see burning now is what was in storage. but we do not have independent verification. >>reporter: he says the company told us, very careful about what they put out as definitive information. >>shepard: and the platform is sometime on fire? >>reporter: we got off the phone and they said yes, the fire is still burning but they say it is contained at this point. >>shepard: contained. contained in what? the platform? >>reporter: contained to the platform and they have the vessels there and the coast guard is saying this, not the company, the coast guard is
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saying they believe it is contained but it is still burning and we know what happened at deep water horizon it got more and more out of control. >>shepard: and jonathan is checking things and we will chat with you about that and hurricane earl and the new round of middle east peace talks. a busy news day. general no one says, we have your comments later. and now the economy, the number of people getting jobless benefits for the first time, fell. it went do you, new claims down 6,000 for unemployment. down to 485,000. we're told economists expected that number to rise. this is great number. the head of the central bank telling congress if a company is too big to fail it needs to be shut down. the fed chairman says the
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government cannot continue to bailout the banks. and "too big to fail problem," must be solved. maybe gerri willis can solve it for us at 5:00. bernanke called this the biggest lesson of the financial crisis. >>reporter: listen to this. >> sit very important as i said before, the most important lesson of the crisis is end "too big to fell," and i believe in a different way than before the crisis we have the tools to address that. >>reporter: here is what we did not hear which is interesting and they were saying that's the lesson we have to end "too big to fail," and regulators have the tools but they have to have the courage. what he is saying is in reality, it's just as likely if we run
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into the problems again the companies will be bailed out again unless regulators are willing and we are stopping this and selling off the pieces. the political pressure to keep one of the big institutions going is huge. i don't think this legislation will do anything to stop too big to fail. >>shepard: they had legislation proposed that would have mandated the breakup of companies, if determined by a formula, are so big should they fall apart they could bring economies down but that legislation didn't make it through. >>reporter: did not make it and the current legislation doesn't require they do that. >>shepard: so they are talking. >>reporter: talking. a lot of hot air. a point i want to make that most do not understand this is an ongoing problems. in 1984 continental ill, a huge bank was bailed out. and it has gone on and on and on and we cannot get our arms around it. >>shepard: pending home sales up more than 5 percent during
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the month of july and new politicians for unemployment went down and these are two good signs at the same time. anything there? >>reporter: good news. not huge reports. we are waiting for unemployment on friday and the traders are on vacation right now and value on the exchange is really low, and the markets are barely moving, and no one is paying attention, waiting for the friday number. >>shepard: why are the streets so crowded with cabs; tourists? maybe. in new york city, no one is here the week before labor. except millions and millions of people. but i don't mind it. busy news time. the streets of the city are packed. no locals. the bangers are gone. or the banksters. >> yes, the banksters.
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police officials in chicago are meeting with reputed gang leaders. the cops and the leaders of the gappings are getting together to help curb violence and the gang has hired a p.r. firm, and has held a news conference. that is not stopping the governor from criticizing this. should cops sit down and have discussions with and negotiate with gangs? our legal panel will debate that issue and continuing coverage of hurricane earl. officials say tropical storm force winds could bring flooding. and now to ocean city, maryland. >>reporter: sunny here. the hurricane earl will be felt tonight and tomorrow. there is a gab in the seawall and i can show you that from one side to the other, walk over here and i will show you a big
3:18 pm
gate. they will come along the beach for miles and miles and close these giant gates but that is not stopping people from enjoying the sun today. the lifeguard down there, a lot of people with umbrellas, and the lifeguards are telling people not to go in the water beyond your knees because it is dangerous because of rip currents that could be fatal and the mayor is telling people, come on down, because after this employees through, we will have some five weather over the labor day weekend is coverage of hurricane earl will continue in hurricane earl will continue in studio b. used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used
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>>shepard: in chicago police have a new way to deal with gangs: sit down and talk it out. police officials and prosecutors met with gang leaders last month warning them of a major crack down if the killing does not
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stop. critics say the city should not negotiate with gangs. one local official calling it a "desperation," tactic and identified gang members came out against it for a different reason. >> problem with them, they are giving us ultimatum. quit. instead of an alternate. but, listen, brother, get off the corner, selling the bags and come to a construction site and pick up a brick. >> the chicago police superintendent says the "gang summits," is good police work and standard practice across the country. and now our legal panel. attorneys both specializing in control defense. keith, you sit down and talk to people who are doing bad? >>guest: absolutely not. the only thing coming out of this the city of chicago has been weakened and the gangs
3:23 pm
strptsened. instead of acting independent they got together, hired a public relations firm and held a press conference. this is bad law enforcement. what they have done by negotiating with them is baptizing them in credibility for the illegal gang activity on the street. there are better ways to spend taxpayer dollars. >>guest: the caps -- cops are being pro-active, not reactive. they are telling them, look, we know you have authority and you can control the murders and maybe stop some, and they are telling them, look, if you don't cause the measure deor commit the murder we can get you with federal statutes which can end up in seizing of your homes and cars. this is critical. it works. cincinnati. the last three years, violent crime rate and murder rate specifically down 40 percent, and how are you going to argue with that? other cities, other cities are
3:24 pm
doing it and it is working. >>shepard: it is said 66 other cities have done it, and the delegate rates are down and violent crime rates are down in the wake of that. isn't that evidence that something like this could be appropriate? >>guest: the wonderful thing about statistics you can make them say what you want. you cannot look at them in a vacuum but the birthdayer -- broader picture. what else have they done? many of the other cities did not have gang members at the summit. the chicago tricked the individuals telling them by the parole officers to attend the seminar and the chief of police was sent in. if this is effective, why wasn't their transparency and honesty? it certainly did not work in chicago. >>guest: they are telling them what they are facing but giving them respect and 20 years of
3:25 pm
dealing with gang members ... here is the problem, they do not deserve respect but if you give them a bit of respect in the way you deal with them rather than using the iron fist approach you are going to yield better results. that's the way it works. the cops are busting them and seizing guns and doing their law enforcement duties, if you will, but they are saying we want to be fair. the hard hand of law enforcement will come down on you if you continue like there and you do not get a grip on the guys we know you control. this is a good idea. los angeles is about to implement it. it has to be a tool at the hands of law enforcement in order to get the murder rates which are falling, further down. >>shepard: murder rates if chicago down 1.5 percent. the first six months of 2009 to the first six months of 2010, murder rates down a little bit and sexual assault down 10 percent and assault down 10
3:26 pm
percent, arson down 16 percent and violent crimes in general down 10 percent. the numbers are in the right direction. there is no purpose, because it will not work on all of them, the gang members will blow it off and some of them will not employee it off and some will listen and that is the key. >>shepard: the debate is an interesting debate. and jonathan, thank now discussing this and more at slash shep. and new meeting with keep people in afghanistan but first we are tracking hurricane earl from the fox weather center and it is supposed to take a right hand
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>>shepard: 40 years on tv, tonight miss that. and now time for the news. hurricane earl is expected to brush against north carolina's outer banks at midnight tonight. sit now category three storm and
3:30 pm
maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour and we are told the strength will continue to fluctuate as well as the path on the east coast. and now to the weather center. >>reporter: they keep on flying through the storm and we will get estimates on the storm's strength and the pressure. the pressure is actually continuing to rise. that is good. we like to see that. it will continue to pull out toward the north here and it is a matter of how close exactly it gets toward the outer banks. and on radar, a model is indicating this will do this through the next 15 or 20 hours. this is 3:00 a.m. friday morning, and this right here is probably the strongest of the winds we will see getting right out there toward the outer part of the outer banks with winds in excess of hurricane force but this model shows the center further to the east and you see
3:31 pm
by around 12:00 noon you are clear across the outer banks and we start to watch it moving just a little bit further toward the north. >>shepard: there is a function like that at the and i wonder what it says about long island and new england. >>reporter: i will show you another one. the further out you go, you do not get as much detail. >>shepard: and the other storm, is it taking a similar path? >>reporter: all the waves off the coast of africa are developing and we saw that with danielle and earl and fiona and this guy does not look interesting right now but it is gaston, a tropical depression, and there is another one behind that, it will become another storm. this is what it looks like by tuesday, pushing another major hurricane, maybe, getting back toward the leeward islands and this, some of the long-range models could have impact for the
3:32 pm
u.s. probably ten days from now. we have been saying we will have an active season, well, it is happening. it is here. shpd -- >>shepard: stay tuned for fox report at 7:00 p.m., with emphasis on the hurricane and the oil well. i will bring you like updates during 8:00 hour and at 9:00 p.m., and 8:00 central, i will do a special hour of hurricane coverage instead of hannity and we think 9:00 will be important because we will necessity how soon it made the turn with the best of landfall or whatever is close around midnight that 9:00 to 10:00 hour we will know what the town was like and how far away it will be and hopefully be able to with the help of our experts predict what this will do. it will be a along night on the
3:33 pm
east coast and we will be here with you. big news from afghanistan, as well. secretary of defense gates holding a surprise meeting with the afghanistan president karzai would claimed he wanted to join the taliban. knknknock knock. hey!
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>>shepard: israel and palestinian leaders are back talking again. the obama administration brokering the first direct negotiations between the governments since they stopped talk december 8 of 2008. secretary of state hillary clinton echoing the message from president obama saying while the u.s. wants peace, it can't and won't force it. >> the united states has pledged its full support for the talks and we will be an active and sustained partner but we cannot and we will not impose a
3:37 pm
solution. >>shepard: they hope to meet every two weeks over the next year and meet again on september 14th in the middle east. the secretary of defense talking corruptions with the afghanistan president karzai during a joint news conference saying the fight against corruption must be led by the afghanistan people but at the same time the u.s. folks say karzai himself wanted his aides released from jail after the police caught the aides discussing a bribe on a wiretap. secretary gates also said u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan past president obama's draw down date. >> americans will still be here after july of 2011 and the president has been very clear that is the beginning of a process and that the pace of that process will be determined by conditions on the ground here in afghanistan.
3:38 pm
>>shepard: critics including john mccain blasted the drew down date saying it could embodien enemy fighters. and now from washington, is provide -- to provide us details is a bureau chief that knows the region all too well. what do we make of all of this? is this discussion about upset about draw down date; that politics? the general is for this. they have said clearly it is not a firm day but about conditions on the ground. >>guest: as far as i'm concerned when the u.s. answered the draw down date it handed a victory to the taliban. they have been, the taliban have been telling the people for many years they got the russians lasted 10 years, and we are going to get the u.s. out, the memberships out in 10 years, too, and this is exactly what they have been saying, and this
3:39 pm
we have been saying we will still will here weapon the members have gone, so don't side with the members, side with us. that's, that date was a mistake if my opinion to put that date out and now you are suing general petraeus and secretary gates trying to down play the date saying we are not going to with draw troops very fast, we will keep people here. well, the data is already out of the bag. >>shepard: they have a serious problem with corruption and how big an issue is it? >>reporter: huge issue for the government and the banking system because the u.s. is basically hitching its fortunes to the fortunes of president karzai and president karzai is associated with corruption and then, so, is the west so all the time we have western troops fighting and dying if -- in afghanistan and the credibility
3:40 pm
is undermined by the lack of will from the government of afghanistan to tackle them. remember, too, the west has gone its own share of blame to take on this because they have been throwing money around in afghanistan for many years without much accountability, without much process. so it is not just president karzai's fault but blame for us, too. >>shepard: that sounds far and what we hear is they have to fix this, they have to fix it. is anyone offering what is soon by experts as a solution to the massive corruption problem? >>reporter: i don't think anyone is. there is a fair to build strong institutions or a strong parliament or strong supreme court to enforce the constitution so, no, the answer is nobody is finding a way to pressure president karzai to get what they want out of president karzai and they are not building the institutions that can do this in a fair way so when there is a corruption allegation
3:41 pm
everyone thinks that person has fallen out of favor and that is what we hear about the bank and it would not happen if the people were friends with the right people and they started out with someone. there is no clear strategy. >>shepard: our leaders say civilian casualties have crippled us in the attempt to win over hearts and minds and they changed the strategies and rules of engagement were changed to the deputy detain of the members of the military, and that being said, has the strategy to cut back on it, worked? reporter report i understand the military is concerned but the general petraeus and mcchrystal was right to take the position they did we have seen a drop in civilian casualty and a sharp drop caused by airstrikes so that is good. but, just this week, we saw an attack on what the u.s. nato thought were terrorists towns out they were campaign workers, ten killed. so that's a big blow.
3:42 pm
any civilian casualties in the country environment are making things worse. >>shepard: great to see you and i help you come back. the number of illegal immigrants coming into the united states has plummeted. did you later that? the number of illegal immigrants is way down according to a new report. and border crime is way down. watch for politics. as the heated political debate on this issue continues to escalate. a look at that. ok, h. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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[ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. >>shepard: and there is worded to the number of illegal immigrants in the united states has dropped significantly for the first time in a couple of decades according to a new report from the hispanic center, undocumented immigrants crossing
3:46 pm
into the united states, the number of undocumented immigrants has fallen by 65 percent! over the past few years. the experts say the recession is a major reason. trace has the news. what are the numbers behind the numbers in the report? >>reporter: what they it is they took the census bureau numbers of illegals living here and the homeland security numbers of those crossing and between 2000 and 2005 they say 850,000 illegal immigrants crossed each year but the bottom number, between 2007 and 2009, 300,000 a year so said of 11 million illegal immigrants living in the country the number is down to 10 million but critics say the lower numbers have zero to do with security along the bored like homeland
3:47 pm
security saying it is all, shep, because of the economy. the reason no one is coming here is they cannot get jobs here and two professors one at princeton and one the university of california say they have research that shows ten out of ten illegals who want to get here can still get into there country. >>shepard: while we are on the matter of research and polls a new poll from arizona on the immigration law, and what is it showing? >>reporter: from arizona state university called the morrison institute of public policy calling themselves an objective think tank and we looked and did historical look back and they have been even handed over the years. they polled 614 arizona voters. look at the numbers: 81 percent of those poll approved of requiring people to produce documents that say they are, in fact, legal. 73 percent believe police should be able to detain anyone who
3:48 pm
cannot verify their immigration status; and the last one, 68 percent think police should be allowed to question anyone thought to be in this country illegally. opponents of the arizona immigration law say this shows how little people know about civil liberties in this country. >>shepard: thank you from los angeles, trace. and now breaking news. we are looking at -- without, live pictures coming to us from california through the facility of ktvu, fox 2 for san francisco bay area and beyond. a small plane has gone down. and it is in the water. that's it. these pictures are from kgo television our network news service affiliate. we do not know any of the details. we know authorities are not out there.
3:49 pm
you can see that. we do not know if anyone is hurt. if they got away. the plane has just gone down. that's all i know. when we get the new information on this, context and perspective and facts we will bring it to you but i want to show you what happened although the signal is not too great from kgo. wait, one more thing -- no, no update. >> more breaking news and pictures of the rig explosion that happened in the gulf. brand new. happened today. and now to the newsroom. i have not seen video yet. >>reporter: we have still pictures in if we can look at them. they clearly show there was an explosion on that production platform. there was a fire. and as we reported earlier, the coast guard told us about 30 minutes ago that the fire in their words was "contained but still burning." you can see that clearly.
3:50 pm
the governor said that there are seven oil wells, active oil wells, connected to this production lot form and according to the company that owns the platform, it was one of those wells, just one, that was involved in the fire. the company is telling the governor's office they believe they now have that well in their words "shut in." nerds, they -- in other words they are saying there is not the danger of a job leak but everyone is being very cautious after the deep water horizon. >> they got the people out? >> those are 13 workers who were on the platform and they are all now safe. one was recorded to be injured and we do not have details and how extensive of injuries were. >> keep us updated. >>shepard: and the arrest of the most wanted couple in all of
3:51 pm
the united states by a tip from a forest ranger. there was a $27,000 reward but the ranger may not get it!
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3:54 pm
un>> up date hurricane earl. watching the path of the category 3 storm with a slightest change to the west may affect milions of people from north carolina to main. steve is in virginia beach. >> the wind is kicking up here. we are seeing the surf of four-senfeet. you can only get in the water up to your waist. we are expecting winds of 55 miles per hour . the governor declared a state of emergency .
3:55 pm
people are boarding up with hard plastic and plywood. the big concern is how it is going to affect the economy. there is a music festival and marathon. 50,000 people scheduled to fly in and of course, the weather could play havoc with those flights. >> contacts for bad news on the plane that is down in redwood, california. we have breaking news, trace. >> you remember redwood city, where the scott petraeus trial was. the plane overshot the run way. we have been told that a 40 year old woman has apparently died. she was pulled from the wreckage and they are looking for another person that may be in the plane. you can see the lagoon. you can see the airport just a short ways away. the plane overshot the run way
3:56 pm
and tried to stop. it went in the lagoon. they tried to rescue the people but one person has died there a twin engine beach craft. another person may be in there but clearly you can see the rescue crews are not actually searching. that is bad news if someone is still in the plane. more on it as we get it >> trace, we appreciate it. >> a forest ranger who led police to a pair of suspected murderers may not get $cent -- $27,0 reward for their capture. john mcclusky. she helped him escape and they killed two people in the weeks on the lamb. the trail went cold until the forest ranger in eastern arizona noticed a suspicious
3:57 pm
looking couple. he ran their license plate and discovered a stolen car. the swat team was on the scene and arrested the fugitives. the ranger may not be eligible for the reward because of ethnics be problems. >> we are following news on many fronts. tens of millions of people in the eastern sea board of the united states. as a result i will be back with news updates in the 5:00 hour and back for the fox report tonight and in the o'reilly factor for the update and nine eastern, and special edition covering hurricane earl. cavuto is right after that's caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death
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